Curricular Activity

To engage the students in active learning, strategies like brain storming sessions, group discussions, panel discussions, workshops, team teaching, assignments, presentations & discussions by the students are adopted in theory classes. In all the theory papers internal assignment of 10 marks is allotted to the assignment work which student have to complete in tutorial groups. For this work the student perform indepth research, self studies, observation in field to prepare the report.

  • >> Theory programme is conducted through well planed format by a committee.
  • >> Convener for each theory paper is made responsible for completing the curriculum.
  • >> For B.Ed. foundation papers the batch is divided in to two groups.
  • >> For subject pedagogy papers small groups class are arranged.

The B.Ed. programme consists of a rigorous practical part in which the student teachers are exposed to the skills and dimensions of teaching. This practical part is organized and executed by the committees formed at various levels.

  • >> Micro Teaching - This is the first level practical part in which through an innovation called Experiencing Pedagogical Skills.
  • >> Simulated Teaching - Prior to actual teaching practice in schools students are given enough practice in simulated conditions.
  • >> Teaching Practice -The teaching practice round in which the student teachers practice the teaching of actual class.
  • >> Internship Programme - The teachers under training work in practicing schools as regular teachers.