About Us

Shri Tejendra Prasad Teachers Training College

The college has a well equipped Library, Psychology Lab, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Education Technology Lab and provides Internet facility to its students and faculty member. The college has been involving its students and faculty members with the local community by conducting community surveys during Open Air Session and organizing rallies for creating awareness about the Social and Environmental issues.

Our Vision & Mission

  • >> To prepare Quality Teacher Educators, Educational Professional and Researchers and work for above all as Learning Centre.
  • >> To prepare Teachers for Sr. Secondary, Secondary, Elementary and Pre-School Levels.
  • >> To initiate Innovations in the area of Education in general and Teacher Education in particular.
  • >> To function as Centre of Research in Education.

Our Main Objectives

  • >> Imparting quality pre-service education through B.Ed. Programmes and also quality in-service education.
  • >> Preparing personnel for the faculties of elementary and secondary teacher education Institutions, and their continuing education.
  • >> Providing general resource support to the secondary schools and elementary teacher education Institutions.
  • >> Conducting research, innovations and extension work in the field of secondary education and elementary teacher education.